Mr Chay Dempster
Spatial Planning and Economy Unit
CHN216, County Hall
SG13 8DN

31 March 2017

Dear Mr Dempster

YOUR REF: PL\0822\16

Thank you for giving BSCF the opportunity to comment on Messrs Vincent and Gorbing’s response to our representations on this application contained in our letter of 27 January.

We note that their response makes no comment on the suggestion in para 14 of our earlier letter that in place of the offer of an undemanding condition that development should start within 5 years of the grant of permission, there should be substituted a requirement that the proposed school should be ready for occupation no later than 4 years after the grant of permission, and that no application for development on the sites to be released as a result will be entertained until it is clear that the condition about readiness for occupation will be satisfied. We can only assume from their silence on this point that this condition is acceptable to the applicant and that you will be recommending to the Planning Committee that it should be included in the grant of planning permission.

In this context I should also say that while we note the references to additional capacity being provided at St Joseph’s and on the western part of Bishop’s Stortford North, neither of these schools are within walking distance of ASR 5 nor indeed are they the closest JMI school to ASR 5. So it is important that a school which is accessible to ASR 5 should be opened as soon as possible.

On the question of the wildlife corridor, an important part of the proposal by the Natural History Society was that it should be accessible to the general public. Clearly, if part of it is fenced off within the school premises, that objective will be frustrated.

Apart from these points, I have nothing to add to our earlier comments.