Aims and Objectives of the Bishop’s Stortford Civic Federation

The purpose of the Civic Federation is to promote the improvement of Bishop’s Stortford and its surroundings in terms of the built environment and open spaces, and the quality of life of its residents. 

It provides a focal point to enable the active residents’ associations in the town and its other members to respond to the development opportunities and pressures which face Bishop’s Stortford.

It provides a forum in social media to enable issues of current concern to be widely debated. 

It aims to be a non-statutory stakeholder in engaging with and making representations to the statutory bodies responsible for the decisions which will determine the future of the town and its surroundings.

Trustees 2022-3

 John Rhodes (President)

 Paul Dean (Chairman)

 Tony Pook (Treasurer)

 Vacant (Secretary)

 Alyson Bailey (Representative for Thorley Manor Residents’ Association)

 Anthea Wyatt (Representative for Chantry Community Association)

 Colin Arnott

 Deborah Munro (Representative for Parsonage Residents’ Association) 

 James Grainger (Representative for Portland Residents’ Association)

 Jill Wade (Representative for Haymeads Residents’ Association)

 Marie Rhodes (Representative for Warwick Road Maintenance Association)

 If you wish to contact any of the Trustees please email  – a message will then be passed to the relevant person, who will get in tou