Ms Sara Saunders
East Herts District Council
Pegs Lane
SG13 8EQ 30 January 2020
Dear Ms Saunders

Article 4 DirectionConsultation

  1. I write on behalf of the Civic Federation concerning the above.
  2. The Federation considers that if Bishop’s Stortford is to be a place where people can find good work and employment as well as be a good place to live and enjoy leisure it is important that the District Council protects the District’s employment areas, as defined by the relevant policies in its 2018 District Plan. It is therefore pleased to support the Council’s plan to invoke the Article 4 direction on premises within the strategic Employment Areas designated in the District Plan.
  3. In addition, if Bishop’s Stortford is to benefit to the maximum extent possible from the many business opportunities that are currently arising in the London – Stansted – Cambridge corridor it would seem important that office and business spaces are available in other parts of the town too. The Federation would therefore ask the Council to do whatever it can to:
  4. Ensure similar applications for change of use in locations outside of the designated strategic Employment Areas are also scrutinised and assessed for their benefits and impacts to the maximum extent possible, and that decisions are then made accordingly.
  5. With other relevant bodies, etc., encourage and facilitate suitable new businesses and enterprises to establish themselves in Bishop’s Stortford and remain here, along with the town’s existing businesses.

Yours sincerely

Paul Dean