By Email
Development Management
East Herts Council
Pegs Lane
SG13 8EQ 21 February 2021
Dear Sir or Madam

Your ref: 3/21/0217/OUT – Outline permission for the erection of a kiosk retail unit (Use Class A1). All matters reserved except for layout and scale. Land Between 66A Ashdale And 29 Irving Close Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire CM23 4EB.

I am writing on behalf of the Civic Federation to object to this application. It is, in substance, no different from application 3/20/0038/OUT about which we wrote to you on 1 March 2020 (copy attached) and for which you refused to grant permission. Our reasons for objecting on that occasion remain valid in this case, and we also endorse the grounds for refusal of permission which led to your decision on the previous occasion.

I should also add that closing off part of this open space with an adverse impact on sight lines appears to be contrary to the principles of ‘designing out crime’ which should underpin all new developments.

We trust therefore that you will refuse permission for this application.

Yours faithfully