Additional Homes

Additional Homes As for every one of the recent developments , it has become depressingly apparent that the housing total for Bishop’s Stortford and the site-specific numbers in the District Plan have been treated by the volume housebuilders and site owners as the starting point in a bidding war, to see how many additional homes […]

The Bishop’s Stortford High School

The Bishop’s Stortford High School (TBSHS) – BISH6 EHDC’s Development Management Committee (DMC) resolved in November 2020 to grant outline planning permission for the redevelopment of TBSHS’s current site for 223 homes (compared with around 150 in the District Plan). In November 2021 BSCF were invited to join the reconvened Steering Group for the development. […]

Old River Lane Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

What is a SPD ORL SPD Comments submitted by BSCF ORL Crescent ORL Draft SPD Consultation Consultation response from the Climate Group Observations on ORL draft SPD, for consideration when drafting a response to the consultation Note: responses to observations in Sections 1-4 may best be made in Sections 5-9; also it may be easiest […]

United Reform Church Hall, Water Lane

30th October 2022 (by email Right to bid) Mr Richard Cassidy                            Chief Executive East Herts District Council                                                    […]

The Goods Yard

The Goods Yard View Planning Application 30th October 2022 BSCF Response to Transport Assessment                                                                                     […]